Monday, April 22, 2013


Things have been taking a lot longer than I was originally expecting. Closing the spaces on the bottom to pull my lower teeth back has been an extremely slow process, was it this slow for a lot of you guys? They are small spaces, but they have barely moved after many months in stainless steel braces. My overjet is definitely getting bigger though, which is exciting because it's great to see progress, but not that fun because I'm disliking how I look even more than before. I feel like I've been really patient over the recent months, but at this point I am beyond ready to have this surgery, I really want to get it over with and want to be happy with my smile and profile already. I have such high hopes for the outcome, but I don't want to be let down, so I am definitely willing to wait if it means better results in the end. Last I was told by my orthodontist is that early June is likely when my surgery will be, but who knows! I really hope I'm ready by then. Keeping up with other blogs definitely keeps me going and keeps me excited about the outcome. All the bloggers I see look amazing and seem to be so happy with their results, even though it is a tough journey to get there so that definitely puts me at ease a bit. I do plan on posting pictures but I'm feeling really shy about doing so right now. I dislike how I look so much at the moment that the thought of putting it out there for everyone to see is pretty scary for me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Braces are on!

So I got my bands on my molars and my braces on one week ago. This is my first time having braces, they were a bit painful for the first few days but I am fine now. Orthodontist says 3 months until surgery is likely, I see her again this week and then every 2 weeks after that. Definitely still trying to get used to these braces, I was already so insecure with my appearance before so this adds to it but I'm dealing with it fine because I know it is bringing me closer to my end result which I know will be worth it. Question for all of you, I know most of you had to have your braces on for a year or so prior to surgery, how often did you see your ortho to get your wires changed?